At Float Docks, Nothing Floats Like Concrete™. Floating concrete docks have numerous benefits over traditional stationary docks, some of which are their stability, durability and versatility. Investing in a Float Dock ensures peace of mind as they are low maintenance, easy to care for and affordable due to their longevity. Float Docks are fully customizable and can be enhanced to suit your specific needs and lifestyle.


Float Docks build docks to last. Engineered to withstand the test of time, a concrete Float Dock will last over 20 years, more than twice the lifetime of a wooden dock. They require little to no maintenance, are non-flammable and will not rot or corrode.

Float Docks are STABLE

Building floating docks out of concrete creates a more stable surface due to the immense weight of each section. They are solid yet flexible as they move with the water, doubling as a breakwater while accepting loads from wind and waves.

Float Docks are VERSATILE

Float Docks are completely customizable, easily configured to any layout you desire. Our 10′ x 20′ docks are joined by anchors and attachments that fasten the docks together. You can even add on to or expand an existing dock, making Float Docks extremely versatile.

Float Docks are SAFE

Concrete Float Docks provide unparalleled safety over traditional docks. Non-slip surfaces and the solidity of the heavy floating sections make navigating in wet and windy conditions a much better experience. Floating docks rise and fall with the water while remaining level, allowing for ease of boarding and disembarking your watercraft. As well, you no longer have to calculate line length when securing your watercraft.


Floating docks have minimal to no obstruction to the underwater environment and the concrete provides a haven for the growth of marine life and organisms. They contain no chemical preservative treatments, unlike wood, and act as a breakwater to protect your watercraft and shoreline from water condition damage.

Float Docks ENHANCE your lifestyle

Get creative and extend your outdoor living to your dock. Serve your friends at your outdoor bar or curl up on your hammock with a good book in the shade of your covered patio. BBQs and firepits, outdoor showers and basketball hoops, your imagination knows no bounds with Float Docks. We add enhancements to create the lifestyle you deserve.