heavy duty low maintenance

Ultimate Floating Docks – Built With Care

We build commercial 10′ x 20′ customizable concrete floating docks providing long term solutions offering a connection system designed for marinas, waterfront developments, harbours, and waterfront commercial ventures. By adding anchors and attachments that fasten our docks together, you will be able to create custom layouts and patterns for specific uses and water conditions and tailor your dock project to your unique requirements.

With a focus on superb detail and quality, our docks are heavy-duty providing stable mooring platforms and resistance to withstand extreme weather conditions and constant boat traffic waves. Our low maintenance docks have a long service life resistant to heavy use, aging, petroleum and saltwater erosion. Our construction process ensures a solid dock that will be durable, stable and long-lasting.

We offer the following equipment enhancements for a full installation and turnkey solution.

  • Safety & Service Stairwells
  • Cleats
  • Ladders
  • Electrical and Water Lines
  • Mooring Fingers
  • Gangways
  • Selection of Floats & Buoys
  • Anchors & Chain

For the best quality, construction and materials, choose Float Docks for your next commercial waterfront project.